About Us

MYOF is part of an Islamabad-based interior and product design studio Particles. The studio started developing furniture and objects in 2017 as part of the interior solutions provided for both private clients and commercial spaces.

The first series of furniture forms part of a growing line up of limited edition collectible designs. The products show a common sensibility; pieces can be defined as natural and sturdy with modern silhouettes. We follow the general spirit of our time calling for easy to maintain, light-weight, good quality, customisable and trendy pieces. The work is conceptually organic with attention to detail and the designers’ team up to form innovative and unusual combinations. We believe every space or item should have a character of its own; its presence should be seen and experienced. With the design team coming from architectural backgrounds, its only natural that our collection has a very close relationship to interior spaces.

Exhibitions have included; Jang Dream Home Expo 2018, COSALA Bazaar Serena Hotels 2018 and WiB Fest 2018.

Highly skilled craftsmen in Pakistan manufacture all MYOF products.