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April 28, 2020
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Keeping in mind that everyone wants their homes to be unique, we’re thrilled to introduce our most popular product, the Cloud Lamp. The Cloud Lamp is as simple as it is surprising. As well as bathing the room in a soft and welcoming light, this floor lamp is light and practical, and easy to move wherever you want. A lighting product that highlights quality craftsmanship, materials, and design. Whether its an office, living room or bedroom, the Cloud Lamp hints at a bit of quirkiness.

Hand crafted using premium sourced Ash wood, the finished product places the spotlight on a natural wood finish with a washable cotton shade. The minimal design lets the material takes center stage and celebrates its natural tones and textures. The diffused ambient light given off by the lamp complements the strength of the wood and the softness evoked by the fabric shade, while the variable geometric lines of the tripod legs adds visual movement. These elements lend the design a diverse quality making it appropriate for interiors of varying characters.

In this setting the slender design of the lamp responds well to its place, being not too bulky as to draw away focus, but still behaving as a statement piece. The materials complement the industrial aesthetic of the exposed brick wall and wooden flooring. While the light color palate of the Cloud Lamp makes sure it standouts from the dark backdrop, with the soft glow of the light giving the corner an inviting look.

In the images above the Cloud Lamp is placed in the homes of three different people, having a varied collection of pieces intended to showcase their artistic style and personal identity. This context perfectly highlights how this design does not get lost in the assortment of styles surrounding it, which range from minimalist wall frames to traditional furniture pieces. Instead it retains its aesthetic individuality with the clean simple geometry creating a dynamic sculptural presence. The Ash wood used in the design usually complements the other furniture pieces in many rooms, while the warm yellow glow of the lamp adds a welcoming character to the space in a contemporary manner.

If you are worried that you have too many classical things and this wont fit, think again!

It can give the space a distinct appeal that’s suspended between the old world and the new. Above from a home in Islamabad the Cloud Lamp becomes the piece to bridge the gap between the two differing styles while being mutually responsive to both.

During the development process of the design the main emphasis was on working with the linear elements, and composing them in a manner that drew focus to the light source, while the contrasting direction of the tapered legs create an interesting visual balance. The final product is a simplistic floor lamp that will serve as the perfect statement piece to add a unique accent to your interior.


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