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August 29, 2021
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Are you one of those people who like to go to festivals? With covid era slowly ending there is a boom of activity on the social calender. Events with a mix of culture, lifestyle, music and food are popping everywhere for people to attend and enjoy. On the other hand these festivals, expos, community events are good opportunities to promote your business locally. We want to help you connect with your city and people in the best way possible with a few pointers in todays post.

Choose the right event

There has been a rush of exhibitions and markets set up for local makers this year and with a great response from buyers and visitors. Winter Fete in Islamabad, Commons in Karachi, Haryali in Lahore and Daachi are all getting bigger and better every time. The spirit of entrepreneurship is thriving as so many small business owners are coming out there to show their products and customers have a renewed interest in buying local things. Choose the right event for you and get in touch with the organizers through their facebook, instagram or email. They usually respond fast.

Your Space

The organizers will give you options and costs for the type of spaces they are providing. It is either a table (2’ x 4’, 2’ x 5’ or similar) or a marked area (10’ x 10’, 8’ x 8’ or similar). Getting the exact measurements will help you determine the type and number of things you should bring. They will also provide a clean black or white cloth to cover the table and sometimes a printed banner aswell. Your stall should look clean and organized to make an impression. You should ask if there will be a cover or tent as it can get very hot in summers or expensive merchandise can get wet if it starts to rain. Take a hat and a stool as backup. Also in some cases the organisers will share a map for selection of space and you can select your spot accordingly. If the exhibition is in a hall it is sometimes possible you might have a pillar blocking your space from view or you are at the very end of a lane. Its a good trend to have these markets in larger open grounds so that everyone is visible and visitors can walk at leisure.

Market your business

Get your business cards, brochures or leaflets, giveaways for attendees. Just cards are not that effective as they are easily lost, branded merchandise like pens, postcards or mugs are alternatives for people to remember you by. Offer deals on new products or make attractive gift bundles to save buyers time on their shopping.

See what type of marketing the organisers have done in the past aswell. Its much more than a facebook event now. How many tickets do they sell, are they investing in advertisements, inviting bloggers and celebrities, how well are they promoting you will be key to get your name out there.

Get to know people

These events are good to get people to subscribe to your website, get updates by email or phone message. You can convince & attract a bigger group by a contest or giveaway.

Social Media

Don’t forget to take pictures of people at your stand, do a live story as a lot of people are watching for updates on the event from their homes, keep updating with best selling products and their prices.

Have a good time!!!

Customers buy your energy aswell, so stay hydrated, take your music, fairy lights, plants, rugs, brownies to make your space your own!!!




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