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May 17, 2020
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July 13, 2021

As contemporary furniture designers hairpin legs offer an inexpensive way to give our designs form and structure. We’ve made tables, benches, consoles, stools and using them in a lot more upcoming designs.
Hairpin legs were a product of the post world war 2 design boom, where things were made to be more simple and practical. Mid century furniture often supported hairpin legs bolted in. It is hard to pin-point when the trend reached Pakistan but while doing some research for this blog post we discovered many options to buy the legs online for diy projects. Hence, we hope to inspire you to “MAKE YOUR OWN FURNITURE” with a set of hairpin legs to boost your diy skills and home decor.

It all begins in 1941 with industrial designer Henry Glass in America. Glass was given the task of developing a full range of iron furniture. This included chairs, tables, sofas which were ultimately labelled as “Hairpin Group” due to the shape of the legs.

The Carved Table by MYOF is one our most loved products. Its appeal lies in the way it is a fusion of both traditional and modern design. Hand Craved in the flower motif, the carving The legs give the solid wood table top an airy feel and are quite minimalistic.

One of our reclaimed wood products the Antique white table is actually an old window dusted, fixed and coated with white enamel paint for the top. The legs are single loop legs fixed with screws to the corners of the frame to make it into a table.

Using the legs with live edge wood pieces is not only economical but very trendy aswell. We are always on a lookout for wood at local taals (places selling firewood) to find the right piece for our hairpin legs. A concole or a bench can be so classy for your entrance. We get asked a lot on the sturdiness of the thin legs but they are actually very strong and can easily support a table or a sofa even.

We think hairpin legs are the DIY supply you need right now. The steel rods are bended in a deep U They are easy to take off when you have to move or re-arrange in a different room. If you are fixing them to marble or stone then a big blob of epoxy can be used. You can keep them in their raw look or spray paint with any color. We have powder coated them in black as it goes well with most shades of wood.

You can get a set on our website or message us on Instagram or Facebook! So order away and become a furniture designer!!!



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