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March 27, 2021
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As the Boho style is taking the world by storm, Wicker is also enjoying a comeback on the design frontlines. Lighting products to peacock chairs made from the woven wood are popping up everywhere from Ikea to Anthropologie. And it is not just for outdoor anymore. It makes a very aesthetically pleasing statement that does not seem to add a ton of visual weight or distraction to the space it is placed in. I think not only does it bring character into your home but is also very hardwearing and practical.

Having a history that spans nearly 5000 years starting from Ancient Egypt as seen in the Pharaohs throne below. The word “WICKER” is of Scandinavian descent and originates from the word WIKA which means to “BEND” and VIKKER which means “WILLOW”. Often Wicker is mistakenly used with Rattan – they are similar yet very different from each other. The first misconception that most of us have is that “wicker” is a material. It is not. Rather Wicker is a type of weaving technique, or a method used to weave materials into furniture and decor pieces. Most often it uses natural materials like rattan, cane, or bamboo while sometimes it is also used with synthetic materials. The material whether natural or man-made, is usually cut into strips – by the Artisan – of proper dimensions and then dried. After that, those strips are soaked in water to make it flexible before it is woven into wicker. Rattan refers to anything made specifically from the rattan plant.

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King Tutenkhanums Egyption Throne

Victorian Baby Carriage

First recordings of wicker furniture date back to 3,000 B.C. The popularity of Wicker transcended from Egypt and Ancient Sumerian Civilizations to Rome, various European countries, and finally arriving in American on the Mayflower in the form of a baby carriage. Archaeologists have even found Egyptian wicker to be made from rattan and swamp grasses native to the area. Moving on, during the Arts and Crafts Movement in the early 1900’s also brought about a revival of wicker.

Wicker furniture is usually very light weight and works both indoors/outdoors. It makes you feel as if you have entered a beach resort or a tropical region. The term also tends to create images of antique farmhouse-style furniture. Wicker in general, is a staple of tropical climates. I cannot say I expected to find them in such demand years later. But rattan and the bohemian aesthetic associated with it are everywhere. There is a reason why you see so many magazine features and home renovation shows using wicker furniture for porch, patio, and balcony spreads—nothing says you are serious about creating an elegant outdoor space like wicker furniture. But wicker furniture is good for more than just making your patio or balcony the envy of all your neighbor’s (though it is good for that, too). Moreover, these days the trend to buy furniture in same design sets is long gone. It is all about the uniqueness and character of any piece of furniture.

Catching up on the trend MYOF brings you an old school Wicker Furniture Series. From our Wicker console to the Tinker benches, everything is constructed with great love and passion.

Adding wicker to your dining area can change it from casual to elegant, modern to traditional with the right accessories. It makes you feel both structured and comfortable, making it an interesting space to eat your meals. In it, you might serve an elegant dinner for your guests or enjoy a cozier meal like a pizza with you family. Wicker works in every setting! If you wish your dining room to make a striking statement without feeling stuffy, this dining set is your go-to. It looks quite elegant, but at the same time its natural fibers can help add a sense of casualness.

Wicker Dining Set

If you have already got a few pieces of furniture that you love, it can be difficult to add to your favorite pieces and keep a consistent look. Not so when it comes to wicker. Wicker’s timeless style makes it fit seamlessly with almost all furniture styles, and today’s wicker furniture comes in so many colors and designs that it is possible to match wicker chairs or lounges to the glass, wood or metal tables and chairs you already own. Since most wicker chairs and lounges come with replaceable and customizable cushions, getting a perfect match for the accessories is easy, too. It is also very airy to be used with ease during extreme hot summer days. These comfy and minimalistic lounging benches are made in Ashwood with medium brown polish and old school wicker weave. It can be arranged in several ways and in many spaces.  The best part of this bench is that I have both the table and seat, making it a two-in-one product.

Wicker Benches

This retro design wicker console with modern touches is a multipurpose product that can act as a dresser, tv table, console to store away and showcase things in any space. It can add the vintage touch to any space.

Wicker Console

The wicker chairs, lounges, and dining settings of old had a reputation for being high-maintenance and prone to damage from heat, moisture, and bright sunlight. If you have been afraid of purchasing wicker for fear, you would spend too much time worrying about your wicker furniture rather than enjoying it, it is time you took another look at wicker outdoor furniture. Most modern ‘wicker’ furniture is not real wicker, but UV-treated resin molded to look so much like the real thing that you will not notice the difference until you see how well it holds up to the elements and how easy it is to clean and maintain. That means no more dashing out in the rain to rescue your wicker furniture from a surprise shower, and no more hours spent gently scrubbing stains from your light-colored wicker. However, just like real wicker, it dries easily and helps you stay cool.

The other great advantage to today’s wicker furniture? You will be enjoying your wicker furniture for years to come, but you will not be paying for it nearly that long. Molded-resin wicker chairs, lounges and dining settings cost a fraction of the price of real wicker, but they look so much like the real thing that you will forget they are not until you remember how affordable they were. Recently I came across an interesting myth related to the material and I quote:

Wicker is woven into the history of many ancient societies. It is said that the Potawatomi Native Americans believed that there was an old woman who lived on the moon weaving a basket. When the basket was finished, it was believed that the world would be destroyed. This never happened because an eclipse destroyed the basket before being completed.


Murree Road Rawalpindi Workers Preparing Cane Furniture

Different Varieties of Products

Wicker techniques are used for furniture making in our local markets since years. Due to the high temperature during summers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, people prefer to use cane or rattan furniture with wicker weaving because of its ability to pass the air, making it light and ventilated. In addition to this it is also very strong and durable. Mostly people make fruit baskets, baby bassinets and swinging chairs also that are quite in fashion and can be made in several design. People here use diverse types of wicker weaving patterns to make the product aesthetically pleasing and unique.

Wicker products are coming back into trend at a fast rate. And why are we seeing it everywhere, because most people would like to live on vacation everyday. And wicker furniture is all about summer and many places.

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